Moving to Zoho from Another CRM

Zoho CRM - Susan Clark
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Your customer database is the most important asset your company owns, so naturally moving from one CRM to another is not an insignificant decision.

Most likely the first thing you might be worried about is if you will lose any data. If we can get the data out of your existing CRM, then we can get it all into Zoho. We have excellent experience in migrating everything from ACT!, Salesforce, Insightly, High Rise, Goldmine and more into the Zoho platform.

No matter what you move to, there will be some differences in how you are currently working. We can help you make that transition easier and faster.

We haven’t run across a company yet that isn’t a great fit for Zoho. Pretty much anything you can do in another CRM (or imagine doing), you can do it in Zoho… and more.

We can handle the entire transition for you, give you expert advice on how to manage the process yourself, or we can work collaboratively on the process. You do some things and we do some things.

Finally we can train you and your team to help get them up to speed, making the transition, and using Zoho faster. But first you need to get your data into Zoho.