Why I Left

ACT 2 Zoho DecisionSelling our ACT! business had to be one of the hardest decisions I ever made.

I started using and consulting on ACT!  in the early days of DOS, when a voice from the abyss said…

“Let there be CRM!”

ACT! was the focus of our business for over 25 years. During that time, the multiple owners of the software hired me to write “The Official ACT! QuickStudy Guide”. I have written 14 versions, some still selling on Amazon. We were one of the top resellers of ACT! in the world.  We developed third party addons to make it work better. I trained and certified other ACT! consultants. I spoke at their conferences and built great friendships with quite a few of the other consultants. In other words, I have a really strong emotional connection to ACT!.

So several years ago when clients started looking for ways to work more remotely, do more on their phones and iPads and MACs, we went through a rigorous search process to look for a CRM to meet those needs.

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